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I have exactly nine minutes to write this.

Start: 9 21 PM.

Obviously, I can’t work well under pressure.

It’s one of my many flaws.
Each of my pieces of writing are usually hand-prepared with only the best ingredients.
But not this time.
As an experiment and also a reprieve of stress, I started this blog with jolly numb skull.
We originally wanted this to be a wall to write on whenever we had a great idea.
But if that river stopped flowing, and some goddamn beavers dammed the flow (pun totally intended), how is this place going to keep up it’s semi-dedicated readership?
All of the writers for this site seem to be on hiatus.

What good are ideas that can’t be shared with others?

Damn shitty ones, that’s what.

End: 9 28 PM.

Huh. Beat the quota.


One Comment on “I have exactly nine minutes to write this.”

  1. Maria Isabel says:

    I suck at writing under pressure too. I suck at writing sometimes, and I suck at working under pressure. Sometimes I wonder if fashion journalism is really for me… And I’m on hiatus because I cant find anything good enough to write about. Any ideas?

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