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All of my experiences never fully prepare me for what’s ahead. Because of this, I suppose, a sort of paranoia can be developed. Calmly approaching situations, no matter how dire they are, is what all of those “instructional” drills and videos are supposed to teach you. Detrimental effects are actually caused; people try to remember the “tips” everyone gives and yet they forget and end up facing situations alone. Emotions overrun, one is faced with a multitude of choices and none seem to jump out as the, “Doofus! This is what you have to do!” choice until after the matter. Forgetting isn’t all that possible either. Given the circumstances, a snap decision has to be made and the consequences that follow have to be fulfilled as well. However, these may prove beneficial, since of course, what happens once should be prevented and shouldn’t happen twice. It’s as if the great journey that is life is filled with little events, little bits of knowledge that must then be applied for the future. Just when you think you are prepared, something can just go ahead and basically take a shit on your plans. Knowingly, of course one must adapt and remember all of life’s little adages. Lessons, however, can never really be all-encompassing, one can’t be considered a blanket to cover all of your worries. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, and so forth, one must take in as much knowledge as possible in order to possibly be somewhat “prepared”. Never is one truly “ready”, but it sure does help. Open oneself to new experiences, realize the true beauty of life. Perhaps then one can find out it’s true meaning, it’s true origin, and apply your acquired knowledge to further progress on this journey. Qualities that were once unknown should be brought to light. Realizations that get you through the day should be kept. Stupid, I know, to think that a futile effort to become enlightened is important. To most of this generation, what’s more important is status or riches. Unbeknownst to them, knowledge, experiences, epiphanies are all greater gifts. Vanishing is one’s ability to create themselves. With it will go a sense of humanity. X-rays may show human skeletons, but when the ability to think for oneself, to be oneself is gone, we are far from human. You say, “That’s damn stupid! I may be like everyone else, but I’m still myself! Fuck you!“, but I say, “Are you really? By accepting other people’s ideals without question, without finding out for yourself, you have your own distinct personality?“. Zero response will be given to the crazy guy babbling about individuality, lost in the sea of same.

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5 Comments on “untitled”

  1. zdrav says:

    ay ananta all of this was amazing
    a a a a a a a a a a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    i enjoyed this

    i was a snickers.
    better yet

    witty-cute idea, but did you buy that bigger trashcan yet?
    alpha beta gama delta epsilon…

  2. poprocksyay says:

    damnn youuu

  3. christine says:

    wonder how long it took you to write this. 😀

  4. zdrav says:

    around two to four minutes

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