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a current conundrum.

There’s a trashcan about ten feet away from the computer in which I’m writing this.

I usually drink (take that as you will) while browsing the internet, looking for inspiration or when not a pretentious literary and artsy asshole, an absolutely hilarious video of anything that makes me laugh, hence it being “absolutely hilarious”. For every few clicks of the mouse, a sip is taken. So, once the drink is done with, I of course try to throw the bottle (or can) into said trashcan. I, of course, fail to do so most of the time. Maybe it’s because the trashcan is propelled by an internal engine and motion sensors that detect oncoming flying projectiles in the form of Coke bottles and moves out of the way.

Occam’s razor would dictate that I just really suck at basketball.


6 Comments on “a current conundrum.”

  1. HURST says:

    Or baseball. ;]

    Or softball. ;]

    Let’s just say, sports.

    Do you watch Smosh?
    I pretty much love their stupidity. :]

  2. Maria Isabel says:

    There’s some game that I played once that you get to throw paper balls in the trash. I always lost. And I pretty much suck at throwing stuff at a real trash can. Maybe it’s a trait?

  3. zdrav says:

    maybe you should buy a bigger trashcan….

  4. thaokhang says:


  5. christine says:

    ha ha ha …
    my trashcan is right next to my feet..

  6. […] bought yesterday, (which I will soon drink and attempt to throw into my trashcan… see “a current conundrum“) to divulge on the topic at hand for today, which isn’t really developed yet, to be […]

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