Prose, poetry, fiction, and rambles from people with a bit too much time on their hands.

Like klondike.

If we listen to a Joss Stones’ song, she says that “life is just a big ol’ game”. So, taking on taboruu’s metaphor of House of Zombies, I’d like to state my own game-related life metaphor: life is pretty much like a klondike solitaire game. I know it sounds incredibly weird, but let’s take on the facts shall we?

If you’ve played solitaire before – the actual card game, Microsoft’s or the iPod’s version (my personal favorite) – you then know that we have to arrange the cards usually by color, unfolding one at a time from each stack, being able to pick a card up from stock and bring it to the wastepile, and then move them all to the foundations from Ace to King. Sounds like a piece of cake. But… there is no way for you to know the cards that are under the one you’re about to move. What if there are two similar cards that only differ in suit, and you end up moving the “wrong one” and can’t move anymore from there? So many options, and yet not many solutions.

If you’re like me, then you probably will restart after getting stuck and not being able to move. Ok, that could mean losing money, time, and patience. But hey, in Portuguese klondike solitaire is called “paciência”, which means patience (and yes, I’m aware of the fact that this is the other name for solitaire, but I wanted to bring out this specific point). So maybe that’s all that we need to have: patience. It doesn’t sound easy, I know. But let’s consider that for a second…

When we get stuck on something in life or a solitaire game, we tend to think, reconsider, and eventually try again. And if that’s not working out, we might even start over. Maybe picking up the wrong card from the stack isn’t so bad after all. If we have just a little bit more of patience (and the right amount of luck, of course!), then we will pick up the right card, and under that there will be more cards that will help you along the way. And when the time is right, that one card that made you stop moving before might even help you continue. So it’s pretty much a matter of being lucky, making good choices and, of course… being patient.


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