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It’s a paradox we call reality.

For most people, and by most people I mean most of the semi-dedicated(?) readership of this blog, the following week is officially known as spring break (!!!), but colloquially known as that week we get fuckin’ crazy-drunk, go to beaches and do bitches, throw some damn awesome parties and do something that we might not but quite probably will regret.

It just might be toying with the dirt on the side of this great road of life, but hey, the road of life is crazy and arduous, and it’s also a heartless bitch. Sometimes distracting yourself from it through binge drinking, video games, or music is the only way to get through it.

However, wandering too far on said road of life into a destructive pattern of, well, binge drinking, video games, or music, and forgetting your true purpose is a wholly different story.


One Comment on “It’s a paradox we call reality.”

  1. Maria Isabel says:

    Hi, remember me? ;D
    Yeah, for some reason I decided to open up a blog 2 weeks ago at wordpress and now I find you all. Great!
    Now about the post… I don’t get to have a spring break, which sucks. But then again, all the other weeks and breaks people do tend to drink, get high, do whores and all that, so it’s not like it really matters anyway.
    By the way, you’re definetely in my blogroll now!

    – Maria

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