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Well damn.

Some comments. Not bad. Not bad at all. Anyways.

I’m a procrastinating sonofabitch, and it’s either because of my extended stay here in the US, general laziness or all of the above plus secret answer choice D, which is of course an inherent psychological disorder in which I put off anything deemed unimportant via my perspective due to the distortion caused by a mindset perpetuated by various outside factors. Secret answer choice D is of course, an overly pretentious way of rephrasing all of the previous answers.

Thank you, I’ll still be here doing absolutely nothing and putting off more “important” things.


One Comment on “Well damn.”

  1. HURST says:

    That’s pretty amusing.
    I hate procrastination.
    I do it too.
    Get of the Internet and stop procrastinating.
    You’re making up excuses.
    I think it’s A.
    Because Americans can influence you to become very lazy.

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