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Just for a moment, please humor me.

This blog was actually started partly from boredom but also from an epic bout of writer’s block that has lasted since I’ve written in my two older blogs that are “on hiatus”. And yet, as I stare at the blank text box, my mind is blank. I’m pretty sure that blinking line is mocking me as well. But of course, I can always mock something else.

Like those idiots that chomp down Pocky and read 10-dollar-piece-of-shit manga, thinking that Japan is just like what they see in those J-dramas and anime when in fact it’s quite the xenophobic country.

Or the jackasses that think the world is always going to play out in their favor.

Or the dumbasses that don’t realize the graveness of certain situations.

Now before I’m labeled as some angsty bitch-ass expletive, of course I realize that Japan is damn awesome (for a vacation destination), the world does sometimes play out in your favor and that sometimes situations can be lightened by a stupid joke. However, I find the only way to think of “creative new ideas” is to write angry-sounding stuff. There are some rants written on margins in my college-ruled, all purpose notebook that holds doodles and the occasional SERIOUS SCHOOL SHIT that would probably do well here.

So expect something good soon.


5 Comments on “Just for a moment, please humor me.”

  1. SARAH! says:

    I love this.
    You’re such a great writer.
    I can’t wait for “something good”.
    I agree.
    I used to read a few mangas, but I got sick of them.
    Plus, pocky is nothing special at all. It’s pretty ridiculous, but alas, everyone and their dog wants to go to Japan. For some dumb reason or another.
    I’m really tired.
    Thanks for the interesting thoughts though. 🙂
    Here’s some love!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. HURST says:

    From now on I’m HURST.
    Because if I’m going to be reading and commenting, I can’t be confused with someone else. There are too many Sarahs.

    Hello co-writer. 🙂
    I’m commenting in general. So you know.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. china-chan(awesomeness!!!!!!) says:

    nightlight….i never knew you could actually be really insightful and kinda “deep” 🙂
    well i..we misses you alot
    and you should continue writing cause you are really good
    i dnt really know why you and david arent talking to me anymore but what ever,i dnt hold grudges 🙂
    i guess later…<3
    bye nicholas 🙂

  4. Jollynumbskull says:

    Ha. Awh, China. I didn’t write this. My name is Jollynumbskull. But I’m sure Taboruu appreciates the compliments.

    And I still talk to youu.
    We really need to hangout.

    Love you.

  5. Nathan says:

    This is so true. Though one thing awsome in japan is sushi and sashimi nobody can deny that! This blog thing is intresting and distracting me from my 2 page english essay lol. Yes hate on my chatspeak! You should put our EPIC PAPER from english in here once we get it back :p

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