Prose, poetry, fiction, and rambles from people with a bit too much time on their hands.

Write for us! [continued]

If the “application” posts run a bit long, this is where the rest (or rather, the excess) of them will go. Makes very little sense, but it will. Think of it as either a place to show the origins of potential writers for this site.

zdrav (03182008)

i, simply, just want to know what kind of ants they are… fire? or picnic? amazon gods?

once, i saw an army of ants crawling all over the walls of the greasy burger king. yum-ee!

the useless space in my cerebrum must be of some value, why would an ant want to carry a load (10x the ants body weight) around if it was worthless? you should be crawling towards the checkout lines and hurrying to grab a number, too, before my shattered stupidity runs out of stock!! because sometime,possibly in the future, (when my ex-vacant brain is filled with a pool of dark chocolate, coral bunny sprinkles, and cyclops toads..) a nostalgic feeling of the carefree humid summer days will melt through your bones, and you would wish that you had a solid piece of evidence to prove to yourself that those times really did once exist.

everett (04192008)

The parents are hard working and farely decent for the most part but they didn’t raise there kid and instill that morality to be decent in this world. Instead they let their money do the parenting. If i could only show them close up that a good portion of the world lives with out ndoor plumbing for starters then that would make a big diffrence in todays youths morals and focus. They know about poverty but they do not KNOW poverty upclose. This would stop annoying Wiggers and that gettho ganster trend amongst the rich who find it to be cool to do that. When the whole reason for it (being ganster ie pimp,drug dealer) was to have the type of luxry they live in. Also it would Create a focus on helping people in need first stopping small little things that they see (unconicously) stoping Bullying then (consciously) stoping things like hunger or homelessness.

I just wish i could help extend my hand and help them take off there blinders and show them how things really are

thats not the only thing they would see when they took off their “blinders” but thats what i thought about today.

bankrupt on selling (02152009)

“You think to much; Have faith in Jesus”

When she said that he shuddered. One year has past and he still shudered.

Deciding it was time to sleep, Paul stood up, wiped his eyes and grabed the bottle of sleeping pills off the mantle. He noticed how everything he owned didn’t satisfy him; the pills would make it better, they always did. He twisted off the cap and popped it in his mouth and felt the plastic glide over his tounge and rigid side portion brush against his cheek. Restlessly he went to a chair in the kitchen and counted out 3 of the pills from the bottle. He shuffled the pills in his hand. He shifted the cap in his mouth. He thought of the chalky taste of the pills. He felt the cap go down his throat. He thought of her. He thought of all his things and how they didn’t make him happy. He fell from the chair. The pills bounced in diffrent directions on his tile floor. What would she think when they found him? He thought of how it didn’t matter anymore. He had no faith in Jesus, but he hoped and hoped that Jesus was real as his eyes shut tight. The crackling of the fire was so peaceful sounding to Paul.

lighterfluid (02182009)

Were told to live up our youth because as we grow older and have to take all sorts of responsibilities upon our shoulders but there are all these obstacles that block our path to maximum fulfillment. Oh yes! Education is key to success, blah blah. Well i’m pretty sure education isn’t key to playing baseball and finger-painting. Why not let the kids have their day, sure the dog can come along if he wants to BUT its the kids day.

Middle school, High school, heck even fifth and fourth grade, recess and nap-time just don’t exist. REALLY? How many teachers end up throwing a tantrum over sleeping kids in their classes. They say “oh this kids a slacker” or “oh that kid is a bad egg”, all of which is nonsense. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT maybe your lecture is completely boring?! Maybe if you had recess these “bad eggs” and “slack offs” wouldnt be so mindlessly numb and half awake. Hmm?

Who knows, maybe we’d even pay attention to what your saying instead of looking at the hot chicks (cute guys for girls), or dreaming about what i would love to eat for lunch instead of the stale, processed food the school produces..

Well that ended up into a rant i suppose. Hope you enjoyed haha.


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