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Spreading truth like a kick in the teeth.

Alright, let me start by saying something directed to my co-writer Taboruu.

Dude, I was planning on posting after school. Sending Sarah to jump on me screaming,”BLOOOGG.” was not necessary.

Anyways, this will be the first of many posts from myself that are so insignificant, it may come off as meaningful. Like that right there, deep right? Well it isn’t, it doesn’t actually mean anything. There are several [actually only a few, and I’ll probably only get to one seeing as study lab ends in ten minutes] topics I’d like to speak of. The first of which addresses the name.

A conversation was conducted over my friends Sidekick 3 with Taboruu that lasted a good few hours. We had already settled on This Space Intentionally Left Blank so that was out of the way. The problem was creating a proper domain name. A name that was simplistic yet represented something rather meaningful or complicated. Hence our minimalistic layout contrasted to our not so minimalistic writing style. We had a lot of proposals and personally I really liked my offers of rapedby.wordpress and abberant.wordpress. But Taboruu wanted something more like goldbond.wordpress or something like that. He wanted a cool word that expressed pretty much what was discussed earlier in this paragraph. So we settled on Epistrophe. Feel free to look up the meaning. I don’t feel like typing out the definition.

Second Topic [wow, I made it]. I noticed a few things about wordpress that have really struck my fancy. Ok actually I noticed one thing that struck my fancy. You see, with wordpress you have the ability to not only delete comments.. BUT EDIT THEM!? That means I could literally change a sentence of hate into a paragraph praising my uncle’s naval fuzz. I could be posting the stupidest entries ever. Talking about cat food and wondering if it really taste like what it says on the bag. It could complete bullshit! But hey, wordreader97 thinks it’s a “life-changing epic that really forces you to utilize all gray matter available”. And your personal opinion? WHO CARES!? It doesn’t matter! I mean, wordreader97 fucking loves it! And he seems like he’s a smart guy. I mean, look at his screen name. Wordreader, obviously that means he reads an awful lot of words. Must be a smart guy. And if he thinks this post is amazing. Then so do you. And if you don’t think it’s amazing, doesn’t matter. Your comment will be saying otherwise.

Now, when I started this post this morning in study hall. I actually had multiple topics to get to. But now after finishing a sculpture and doing a stack of homework. I can’t quite remember what I wanted to write about.

I’ll save what I remember for my next post.

‘Till then, stay Jolly.


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